What if the person I hired for a task isn't completing the work?


Last Update a year ago

If a young person isn’t completing the work, get in contact with us either through the chat support function or through our contact us form. If possible, tell us as early as possible. We’ll either connect you with a young person more suited to your needs or refund you.

We recommend that before committing to a series of payments, you use our messaging function to find out everything you might need to know (for example previous experience, exam results, or references). If it’s a more involved task such as tutoring you might also want to book a single session before committing to purchasing a block booking.

For social media, IT/digital design and photography tasks we also recommend setting up an introductory Zoom with the young person first, to share more about the task and ensure they are a right fit before booking.

After a task is complete it’s possible to provide feedback which can be used to recommend or highlight problems with anyone providing help on the site.

Please remember that with MyPocketSkill you are booking a young person who may not yet have the experience of a seasoned professional, so, please be considerate of this and constructive in your feedback.   

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