Can I hire a young person for any type of task?


Last Update 4 years ago

There are a number of tasks that under 16 years olds (and under 18s) can not perform. Many of them are common-sense Health & Safety related restrictions, including tasks that lead to harmful exposure to toxic substances, exposure to radiation, exposure to extreme cold/ heat/ noise vibration. It also includes a number of manufacturing, heavy-duty construction, transport passengers and goods, handling goods in a warehouse. In addition, under 16s can not sell or even be on premises that are predominantly involved in the sale of alcohol. They cannot be employed on boats or be involved in any gambling related employment. They can also not work in a commercial kitchen, although able to do some of the activities such as prepare sandwiches. Finally, they cannot participate in ‘street trading’. As it is apparent most of the activities that are marketed on MyPocketSkill will not be any of the above, however if you’re unsure please check the national guidelines and also check with your relevant local authority for a full list of excluded tasks.

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