I'm not getting a SMS verification code what should I do?


Last Update a year ago

Sometimes the SMS validation message can take a few minutes to come through.  

If it doesn't arrive after several minutes we suggest the following: 

- double check that the mobile number you have entered is the correct one

- enter your mobile number in international format. For example in the UK, use +44 instead of a 0 at the beginning of your number.  

- check and re-enter your mobile number using the link here.

Please note that MyPocketSkill is currently only available in the UK, so unfortunately we can't normally verify non-UK phone numbers. However, you are welcome to start the sign-up process and we will let you know as soon as we are offering MyPocketSkill in your location. You can also get in touch on our chat system and we can provide advice based on your location. 

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